Super Quad Wire mesh replacement

The KTP SuperQuad ist the perfect alternative to standard wire mesh container. It works in high rack storage and allows the carryover of already existing inlays (identical inner dimensions). The container always contains a lid to protect the goods from dust and water.

  • Suitable for High rack storage
  • Heavy duty (up to 500kg payload)
  • Can be used in fully automated racking systems with conveyor
  • Easy and fast handling with automatic interlocking
  • Stable and non-spillable
Container options
  • Individual solutions available
  • Storage of transport documents
  • Tracking system
  • Different locking systems
  • ESD version
  • Non-expandable leg support

Dimensions table

Grundmaß Außenmaß Innenmaß
1230 x 830 1230 x 830 x 980 1195 x 795 x 780

Product features

Suitable for High rack storage

  • Steel reinforced 4 leg pallet
  • No deflection
  • Secure stand on high rack beams

Automatic locking

  • Snap in
  • 4 brackets – non spillable connection of sleeve and pallet
  • No additional handles necessaary

Suitable for conveyor systems

  • Legs optimized for conveyor systems
  • Suitable for automated conveyance

Closed pallet surface

  • No need for bottom layer
  • Dirt protection
  • Easy to clean

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