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Super Quad- the wire mesh box replacement

Datum: 03. January 2018

Super Quad, the wire mesh box replacement

This blog provides details about the comparsion of the KTP SuperQuad container and the standard metal wire mesh container. The metal container is a rigid container uses worldwide for storage and transportation of heavy goods up to 1000kg. The KTP SuperQuad on the contary is a light weight foldable plastic container- easy and ergonomic in handling. Can this container be an alternative to the metal containers? Our answer is YES!

Key facts in detail:

The KTP Super Quad offers all advantages and features of a state of the art container. The internal dimension is similar to the metal container:  Super Quad (1195x795x780),  metal container (1200 x 800 x 800mm). The SuperQuad container can also be used in high-rack storage. However the key advantage of the KTP solution is the return ratio. The container can be folded and consequently reduces cost in storage and transportation.

faltbarer Kunststoffbehälter KTP


Many companies use the metal containers in their pooling system – very often seen as an advantage. On the other hand this my lead to the use without reasonable care and an increase in service and repair cost. The risk of inferior maintenance and flow of damaged containers is immanent and can cause damages or even worse injuries.

The KTP SuperQuad container is already uses today by major players in the automotive industry. It is accepted as the perfect alternative to the wire mesh containers previously used. In studies msde t has been found that approximately 85% of all parts transported in the automotive industry have a weight of less than 250kg per 1,2m³. Consequently the payload offered by the SuperQuad container is more than appropriate.

Super Quad im Hochregal, Gitterboxersatz

The KTP Super Quad container is the perfect alternative to the wire mesh container. The advantages are obvious: the plastic container can be folded, is easier to handle and has significantly less tara weight. The KTP container can be uses both in block storage and in high rack storage systems. The Super Quad container is the solution to get oarts from A to B without the need aof addtional plastic or cardboard packaging inside. If those already exist- no problem to carry them over. The Super Quad is not only the perfect alternative but also fully compatible! Any existing inlays can still be used.

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